Friday, August 03, 2007

Even Elmo uses email.

Anyone who has young children knows Elmo - intimately. Yet watching Sesame Street with my son today, something stuck me. In every episode of Elmo's World, he gets a video email from someone on Sesame Street. Now, in context that's pretty tame compared to talking dinosaurs and green monsters. But, for my two year old, it must seem completely natural and probably wonders why dad doesn't get as many video emails as Elmo does.

I noticed this in the Curious George movie last year. In one scene, the man in the yellow hat takes a cell phone image in Africa and sends it to his bosses computer in the U.S. The audience takes it in stride, but I was thinking through all the techie steps it would take pull that off. Now I know, it's a cartoon movie, but it's quite a process and I'm sure the kids see it as no big deal.

I'm not sure what to make of it yet with my own son, but I know he's already hooked.

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