Sunday, November 30, 2008

Reflection on Google Teacher Academy NYC

I've finally been able to etch out some time to reflect about this last Google Teacher Academy. I usually like to wait a week anyway to think about them, but with Thanksgiving that turned into wayyy longer.

Anyway, once again the Google team pulled together an amazing group of educators and of course any attempt of making a list of attendees would invariably leave someone out, so I'll just focus on the day.

I've been lucky enough to have attended three GTA's and the one in New York seemed to have the best pace of the three. (I'm sure some felt it was too fast, but for me it was brisk but comfortable.) I heard as many comments about needed more pedagogy as needing more tech instruction, which I think says the day fell somewhere in the middle. For any group people you just try to strike that balance.

My only suggestion for next time would be to have the 'office hours' segment all in the larger room where we started the day. I think people could have grazed a little more going from table to table, asking questions. A very minor thing for a terrific day!

Friday, November 14, 2008