Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summer Technology Institute

From the 18th Annual University of Maine
we discuss working with students at tech support. 

This hosts this week were Kern and Dan.

The question covered this week: 

"How do you use students as tech support?"

We will be back Tuesday, July 23rd at 3:00 EST

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Where will Tech Sherpa's be this summer?

Looking for some PD opportunities this summer? Check out some of the events the Tech Sherpa students will be presenting.

Professional Development Opportunities

Student Showcase
Date: June 8th
Location: Sebasticook Valley Middle School, Newport ME

Summer Tech Institute
Date: June 24th - 28th
Location: Hutchinson Center, Belfast, Maine

Building Learning Communities Conference
Date: July 22nd - 26th
Location: Park Plaza, Boston MA

Google Education Summit
Date: August 8th - 9th
Location: Hampden Academy, Hampden ME

PREP Conference Keynote
Date: August 21st
Location: Orono, ME

ACTEM Conference
Date: October, 10th
Location: Augusta, ME
Website: ACTEM.org

Monday, June 10, 2013

Student Technology Showcase

Another successful Student Technology Showcase where our students get to show their technology projects.  For more information visit:

Below is our Tech Sherpa coverage. In a very 'meta-moment' there is a section where the Tech Sherpa students are streaming as the Channel 5 reporter interviews them.

WABI Channel 5 coverage


Newport - The RSU 19 middle schoolers were at school on Saturday, but none of them were sitting in a classroom. They got to show off to friends and family all that they have done this school year.

Keith Kelley is the Integrated Technology Teacher, he hopes the Student Technology Showcase is a learning experience for kids and parents.

"Our robot kids that built the robots are now having to describe to mom and dad how to run it... so they learn a lot from that," Kelley said.

Connor Verreault is in the 6th grade at RSU. Saturday he got to learn about the robots. "I think it would be more fun to interact with the robots and build them for the end of the seventh grade year," he said.

The students host a live web "hangout" once a week during the year. They were hosting one Saturday as well. During the web chats they answer questions about technology from teachers around the world.

Jared Gay is one student who helps facilitate the online chats, "you can help teachers everywhere and that just always feels good and you know that your helping their students and it reaches out to them," he said.

Carol Burnette is one student's grandmother. She was excited to see what he learns at school, "it's a great experience, it's wonderful to see what the kids are doing and RSU has some great things that people should know," she said.

Riley Savage spent the year learning to build a skateboard, something she didn't think she could do.

"When I come into IT I feel like I can do anything that I want with my skateboard. After I did that I was like I can't believe I finished it and then after I did the grip tape and the trunks and the wheels I was like wow, I'm done" she says.

This was the 9th RSU Student Technology Showcase, and organizer hope to make it even bigger next year.
Channel 5 Wabi Story

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Tech Sherpas - Google Hangout Best Practices

This hosts this week were Kern and Dan.

The question covered this week: 

"What are your best practices for running 
Google Hangout  sessions in the classroom?"


Join us at www.StudentShowcase.org 
this Saturday, June 8th 11:00 - 12:00