Thursday, August 02, 2007

The best laid plans . . .

. . . well you know the rest.

I brought a couple of my students to Castine to interview David Warlick. We did have a great opportunity to hear him present and talk with him afterwards. David was very gracious to the kids and one of the students showed him Leopard - the new Mac OS that's coming out in October. (The student is a Mac Developer, that's right and 14 :)

Anyway, on the way home we tried listening to the interview and something had happened to it. I'm not sure but it was probably a setting or something. Ahhh, technology, you're a fickle mistress. Oh well, we took some great pictures and the students had a good time. If you want more information about the conference, check out Jim Burke's blog and Cheryl Oakes entries on the wiki

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