Friday, February 10, 2012

Science Biome Project

Each year one of the topics the sixth graders in my district study are Biomes.  They select a biome and collect data, write a report, make diagrams and 3D representations of the area. Present and publish their work. Here's a conversation I had with a couple students about their project.

You can see a mock up example of what it might look like here:

Friday, February 03, 2012

On Varieties of Electronic Portfolios

Portfolios in education have been around for some time, and I think the term has developed a number of meanings depending on the educators or students purpose. In this video, one of my students talks about three varieties of digital portfolios and because of how we have implemented their collection,  how a student can move easily from one form to the next. The three types discussed are:  

1) The portfolio as "Catch-All" where all the students work is collected.
2) The Educational portfolio that emphasizes pieces of work the teachers is looking for.
3) The Showcase portfolio where students can manage and select examples of their best work.

For more information about how we've digitzed some of our work check out these posts.

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And for more resources about electronic portfolios Dr. Helen Barrett has done some fantastic work collecting useful information on her site: