Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tech Sherpa Show 10-23

The Tech Sherpas this week are Jacob and Jared and they answer a couple questions from last week:

  • How to use the concatenate function to join spreadsheet data columns together.
  • How to take full names collected into a single column, split them and re-sort them by just the last name.
  • An easy way to create an image map using Google Drawing and Sites.

Next week we'll be covering self-correcting quizzes and more!

Please join us, Tuesday 3:00 EST at www.techsherpas.org


  1. SO I totally dig what you guys do. I particularly liked the Image Map example and how slick & easy it is to embed in a Google Site.

    Is it also possible to embed image maps made this way on other websites like wikispaces?

  2. We haven't been able to get the image map portion to work when we embed into another platform, it just shows up as a static image.