Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Handing in Math Work with Google Forms

Mr. Dominick talks about digitizing and handing in paperwork with Google Forms.

One of the significant problems with digital portfolios is that the work has to be in a digital format. That works well in most content areas, but in one like math, it poses a problem. Another issue is the time and effort it takes to digitize the work itself. I believe it's vital for most of that legwork falls upon the student. That way they are learning how to digitize analog (if I can call it that) work, and are responsible for owning their portfolios.

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  1. Excellent idea. I am now running an online school and digitizing hand-completed math homework is a challenge that I am trying to overcome.

    I am curious about the quality of the photos taken by the web cam. Are they easily readable? This seems like it could be especially troublesome when pencil is used on the worksheet.

  2. Thanks John, yeah the quality can be an issue so usually the kids end up taking two pics per page. another option is something like this: the big thing is that students are in charge of their portfolios giving them ownership over their work.