Thursday, August 05, 2010

Google Teacher Academy U.K.

Last week I was in London meeting some terrific people at the Google Teacher Academy U.K. It was the first international GTA and I think it went even better than expected. The response was overwhelming and everything that I've read has been very positive.

My biggest take away from the experience is based on a conversation I had with Mark Allen, one of the newly 'minted' GCTs. Specifically it had to do with the network that was being built in the room and it's relation to the knowledge that was being transferred .

Everyone there was learning from everyone else as always seems to happen when a group of Edu-geeks get together and I thought about this in terms of the hours saved by educators not having to start from scratch. It's not that the topics covered were unfamiliar, it's that now, every mistake one of us makes, provides an opportunity for so many others to learn from. In education the scarcest resource isn't money or technology, it's time. And that's what the network provides, little bits of time here and there by learning from other's mistakes so you don't have to repeat them.


  1. sciencelbman2:29 AM

    could not gree more with your comments Kearn. It was a fantastic day. I learnt so much from every one not only in the formal taalks but lso in the informal chats of the day.
    The network i have been provided with is amazing.

    (I have a for you about google apps verification. could you let me know the best place to contact you.)

  2. Sure, shoot me an email: kernkelley (at)