Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sage Advice

Every month the educational magazine Edutopia, put out by the George Lucas Foundation, includes a section called 'Sage Advice.' There they pose a question for educators and this September it was:

"What's your resolution for the new school year?"

I was pretty excited that my answer was printed in the magazine.
"Get as many students in my district teaching technology to as many of the teachers in my district as I can. The students learn by teaching, and the teachers learn by listening."
I was feeling pretty good about it, and showed it to my wife who reminded me that,
"Your brother was in Computer Power User magazine, he made the cover." ;-)

The added smiley wink is mine, she was, of course, teasing me, (My brother designed and built the computer on the cover.) But it helped to remind my how pervasive and easy pockets of celebrity have become. Small bits of fame that add up to more than the alloted 15 minutes these days. This fame is relative to the size of the audience, but because the are so many channels for people to connect today, anyone with a computer and modem can be a celebrity. (Or at least feel like one anyway. ;)

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