Thursday, March 31, 2011

Assessment Data Collection with Forms

Collecting assessment data district wide and analyzing the results.

Here we use Google Forms to collect assessment data. We're able to analyze student scores over time, by grade level, location, or any number of variables we've collected. An important aspect of the data collection that we're working on is having student work included into the data collection. There are many systems that can analyze assessment data, but I think because our kids are already digitizing their work in Google Apps, making that connection between scores and the actual work is an important way for teachers to easily see what those scores represent. An added bonus to this is the ability for the students portfolio to be built at the same time.

For an outline of all the videos in the context of a larger educational framework, please visit:


  1. Nice and cool collections of assessment data with Forms.
    Is it necessary to use Google forms to collect assessment data.

  2. Do you have the template that they used for the district data collection?

  3. Sorry, this form was so customized I really don't have a template available for this one.